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2019 Brick Team Announced

2 Jack Peterson(D)

9 Colton Colby(F)

11 Noah Laus(F)

15 Brock Chittaroni(F)

16 Owen Perry(F)

18 Stosh Freiberg(F/D)

19 Myles Dunn(F)

20 Luka Kinal(D)

29 Keegan Korpi(G)

35 Lilly MacLeish(G)

55 Levi Weinberger(F)

63 Julian Meyer(D)

71 Vincent Arnone(F)

77 Matthew Henderson(D)

83 Trevor Daley(F)

91 Dasean Willmarth(F/D)

Brian Rolston

Brick Team Head Coach

Phone: 651-325-8294, Email Address:

2019 Brick Team Coach Announced

Stanley Cup Winner, 17 Years and 1,256 Games

Brian Rolston officially named the head coach of the 2019 Brick Team. Brian Rolston is a retired American professional ice hockey player. Brian most recently was the head coach of U18 Little Caesars Midget Major hockey club as well as assistant coach with the 2005 Little Caesars team. He played for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League. He won a Stanley Cup championship with the New Jersey Devils in 1995, and the World Cup of Hockey in 1996 playing for Team USA. Rolston has represented the United States of America three times in Olympic competition for ice hockey. In the Salt Lake City Olympics of 2002, he won the Silver Medal. Rolston was born in Flint, Michigan, but grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Rolston was drafted in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft by the New Jersey Devils as their second pick in the first round. Prior to his NHL career, Rolston played for Lake Superior State University (where as a freshman he scored the game-winning goal and earned Most Outstanding Player honors in the National Championship game, which his team won), then the Albany River Rats of the AHL. He has played for the New Jersey Devils, the Minnesota Wild, the Colorado Avalanche and the Boston Bruins. Rolston was one of four players who was traded from Colorado in the 2000 deal that sent the Bruins' Ray Bourque to the Avalanche. He scored a then career high 62 points, including nine shorthanded goals in 2001–02 with the Bruins. During his career, he has scored a total of 33 shorthanded goals.